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Hotplates and stirrers are benchtop laboratory tools that are used to heat evenly and mix various types of liquids and solutions. Conventional hotplates are used for heating only, while combination stirring hot plates are able to simultaneously heat and mix. Infrared hotplates are an energy efficient alternative to conventional and combination stirring hotplates. Hotplate accessories such as temperature probes, external digital displays, and heating blocks can be combined with compatible hotplates. Hotplates and stirrers Manufacturers, Hotplates and stirrers Exporters, Hotplates and stirrers Suppliers, Hotplates and stirrers Online India, buy Hotplates and stirrers, Hotplates and stirrers Manufacturers in India.

Digital Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer

Digital Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer

Product Code : EL-HPS-10350

Product Description Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer It offers digital setting and control of temperature and rotation speed.

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